Mechanical Chitin Nanofiber Gel (MChNF-G)-3%

Mechanical Chitin Nanofiber Gel (MChNF-G)-3%



MChNF-G is obtained from shrimp shell. The shrimp shell residues are first purified to obtain pure chitin particles. The chitin particles are then downsized to chitin nanofiber (ChNF) using chemo-mechanical processes.


Name: Chitin Nanofiber Gel
pH ≈ 7
Purity: ≥99.9%
DP: 800- 1500
Formula: (C8H13O5N)n
Aspect ratio: 100-350
Crystallinity: 80-90 %
Source: Shrimp shell
Crystallite size: 4-6 nm
Molar mass: 203 g/mol
Solvent: Deionized water
Thermal stability 260  ͦ C
Preservative: Methanol (0.1%)
Nanofiber diameter: 20-50 nm




Production method: Chemo-mechanical