Cellulose Nanofiber Board (CNFB)

Cellulose Nanofiber Board (CNFB)



CNF-B is a thick (3 mm) panel fully made from cellulose nanofibers with no resin or additives. CNF-B has self-densification and dimensional memory in cyclic wet-drying process.


Name: Cellulose Nanofiber Board (CNF-B)
Purity: ≥99.9%
Density: 1-1.2 g/cm3
Formula: (C6H10O5)n
Crystallinity: 60-70 %
Aspect ratio of CNF: 100-350
Crystallite size: 4-6 nm
Molar mass: 162 g/mol
Diameter12 cm
Thickness: 2-3 mm
Thermal stability ≈ 260  ͦ C
Nanofiber diameter: 20-50 nm
Tensile strength: 70-100 MPa
Flexural Strength : 150-200 MPa
Source: Mechanical cellulose nanofiber (MCNF)
Production method: Cold wet Pre-press/drying/Self-densification