TEMPO Cellulose Nanofiber Gel (TCNF-G)-2%

TEMPO Cellulose Nanofiber Gel (TCNF-G)-2%



TCNF-G is produced from lignocellulose fibers using TEMPO-mediated oxidation. TCNFs are actually cellulose elementary fibrils with diameter less than 10 nm and length longer than 3 µm.




Name: TEMPO Cellulose Nanofibers (TCNF)
pH ≈ 7
Purity: ≥99.9%
DP: 500- 1200
Formula: (C6H10O5)n
Crystallinity: 70-80 %
Aspect ratio: 100-350
Crystallite size: 4-6 nm
Thermal stability: 240 ͦ C
Solvent: Deionized water
Source: Lignocellulose fibers
Preservative: Methanol (0.1%)
Nanofiber diameter: 3-15 nm
Production method: chemo-mechanical